The Ultimate Diva Skin Gym Therapy

This is where Microdermabrasion (Diamond) and LED light therapy combined together in an anything but traditional O Cosmedics facial.

This is a total skin workout- weights & cardio.  Increasing lymph flow, blood circulation, exfoliation, cell optimisation, phototherapy, and super peptide serums added to nourish your skin.  Lastly, finishing up with a peel off alginate cooling mask and heavenly scalp massage.

A customised treatment, perfect for all skins from oily to ageing. Hot date treatment- your skin will definitely be glowing days after, looking refreshed and healthy. Skin will be dressed to impress a week out from any occasion. A popular facial treatment.

Choose from Brightening, Age Defying, Hydrating, Calming or Purifying

60 mins  $148
Add an extra Peel       $15

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Instantly shake off skin dullness. Brighten, restore and hydrate your skin. The hand piece buffs away dead skin cells using a diamond exfoliation disk chosen to match your skin type.

It will stimulate cell renewal, aides in skin detoxification, treats and minimizes the appearance of

  • Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Uneven Skin Texture
  • Blackheads & Whiteheads
  • Enlarged Pores
  • Sun spots, dull, sun damaged & thickened skins
  • Oily congested skins
  • Acne scars

30 mins $93

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Microdemabrasion – After Care

For four days following treatment, the following instructions are advised:

  • Avoid direct sun exposure and excessive heat – over-heating can cause hyper-pigmentation.
  • Use sunscreen
  • Do not pick or pull any loose exfoliating skin
  • Do not expose treated areas to direct hot shower spray
  • Do not use a Jacuzzi, steam room, or sauna.
  • Do not participate in activities that may cause excessive perspiration
  • Do not use any other means of mechanical exfoliation.
  • Do not expose treated areas to direct heat (including that of a hair dryer).
  • Do not receive electrolysis, collagen injections or facial waxing, and do not use depilatories for at least 5 days.
  • Discontinue the use of Retin-A/Renova for 7 days post-treatment.
  • Do not use tanning booths for at least three weeks after a treatment

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O Pro Dermal Peels

O Cosmedics point of difference is BIOMIMETIC Ingredients, which takes us one step further from cosmeceutical ingredients to COSMEDICAL ingredients to achieve cell optimisation bringing you skin youth, health and radiance.

Peels are a great option for anyone who wants to change their skin but is short on time. Please remember that today’s peels are hydrating, delivering all kinds of nutrients to your skin & aren’t to be confused with peels of the past that may have been harsh, leaving skin irritated.

We can customise your type of peel below to suit your skin goals and concerns. A skin boot camp course of 6-10 treatments once a week will help you achieve your skin goals faster.For best maintenance results, rebook your next O Peel in-clinic treatment every 2-4 weeks.

Pomegranate Enzyme Peel

This gentle yet effective enzyme peel is a must have, and an ideal entry-level peel for all skin types or a first step in a double peel treatment for serious skin changing results.

Pomegranate enzymes effectively lift and digest redundant cells whilst peel moist, multi fruit BSC, lactic acid and jojoba esters hydrate, moisturise, repair and reduce inflammation.

Suited to all skins, especially sensitive, rough, dehydrated, congested, ageing, problematic and inflamed skin.

40 mins     $135

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Oxygenating Enzyme Peel

One of our most popular peels. Perfect peel for all skin types.

The Perfect Pre-Party Peel! This peel will feel hot on the skin but it will leave your skin calm & radiant.

Infused with intense oxygenating and moisturising super peptides will kick start your blood flow to the skin’s surface, feeding it with nutrients, oxygenating blood and improving your skins circulation. 

Will control acne & breakouts, a must have peel for smokers or skins suffering dullness, will brighten pigmentation and even out your skin tone. Hydrate, plump & renew your skin in just one application!

40 mins  $135

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Bio White Peptide Peel

This peel is designed for skins needing a mega dose of Vitamin C ! 

Preventing pigmentation formation, this peel brightens and lightens, maintains that peaches and cream skin and evens skin tone.

Perfect for aging, photo damage, melasma, pigmentation, sallow skin and age spots.

40 mins $135

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Catalyst Retinol Peel

The skins anti aging protection peel.  Concentrated levels of Pure Retinol, Encapsulated Retinol, Niacinamide and Natural Fruit Acids work together to counteract skin aging, improve the appearance of UV damaged skin, improve the skins cellular renewal process, decrease depth of lines and wrinkles, refine and resurface the skin, even skin tone, improves collagen and elastin and provide potent anti-inflammatory activity in the treatment of acne.  

Please note – you must be using Vitamin A serum at home, for a minimum of 1 week prior to this peel to ensure you get the benefits and your skin can absorb the concentrated dose of Vitamin A.

40 mins $138

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Alpha Beta Peel

This peel contains a magical ingredient- salicylic BHA that is one of the only acids that can get right deep down into the pore, melt oil and clean it right out.

Excellent for acne, problematic, photo damaged, clogged, milia and oily skin conditions.

This Peel boasts concentrated levels of lactic acid, natural fruit acids, salicylic acid and niacinamide to aid in shedding of cells which rejuvenates the skin, hydrates, reduces lines and uneven pigmentation, improves skins smoothness, clarity and activates skin cell regeneration.

 Please noteMay cause skin to flake a little around a week later. You must be using salicylic acid serum or powder for at least a week before this treatment, to ensure your skin cells are used to accepting this ingredient.

40 mins $138

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Decongest Back Peel

This treatment will use a combination of peels to help decongest blackheads; milia and using LED light therapy reduce acne bacteria and cools inflammation. This back peel will give you a new skin confidence and bring your skin back to healthy.

40mins $145

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Post Peel Care

Did you know that as much as 70% of in-clinic treatment results are maintained at home? The after care is just as important as the treatment itself.


  1. Your recovery time and depth of peeling will depend on your skin condition and the chosen peel. Your skin may become very hot, red and/or peel significantly. Don’t be alarmed; follow your homecare instructions to a tee.
  2. Avoid direct sun for 5-10 days. O Cosmedics Mineral Pro SPF 30+ is mandatory and must be reapplied every 2 hours if you’re outside.
  3. Avoid waxing/hair removal on treatment area for 14 days.
  4. For the next 24hours avoid exercise, heated yoga, saunas, spas and generally getting overheated.
  5. Do not scratch or peel the skin. Fingers Off!
  6. No exfoliating products, AHA’s, Vitamin A products, Retin A, scrubs or enzymes for 3-5 days post treatment.
  7. Do not use harsh or scratching washcloths after the peel. Simply cleanse skin by applying O Cosmedics Gentle Antioxidant Cleanser to clean hands and remove gently with The Skin Shammy.
  8. Use the recommended post care products daily to support skin recovery and long-term skin health.

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Treatment Enhancers

Add Led Light Therapy$47
Add Microdermabrasion$38
Hand Peel Treatment$28

No Baggage Collagen Mask
Smooth fine lines and wrinkles, hydrate, plump and firm the delicate eye area
Revital- Eyes Mask  
Combats signs of fatigue, puffiness & discoloration.

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LED Phototherapy

What is LED?

LED stands for light Emitting Diode meaning a light that comes from a non-UV source. Each colour in the spectrum has its own frequency and vibration, and each of these lights affect the skin on a cellular level and can produce a variety of responses that are beneficial to the skin’s health and well- being.

LED maximizes these benefits by carefully applying specific wavelengths and dosages of light to the skin. Not all LED’S are therapeutic or the same but ours is clinically proven to benefit your skin.

LED is a non-invasive, relaxing and calming treatment. We can discuss your skin concerns and work out the best light program for you.  After one treatment the skin feels tighter, more hydrated and has a healthy glow.

For most common skin conditions a minimum of 8 treatments is usually required over a 3-4 week period.

Maintenance treatments are great every 3-4 weeks.

This wavelength influences the cellular DNA so it has a better function. This light will boost collagen and elastin, heals, hydrate, firms and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

This wavelength of light will even out skin tone, reduce pigment, improve blood flow and heal. Great for conditions like eczema, psoriasis. redness and rosacea while boosting collagen production.

This wavelength is recommended for oily skins. Can reduce oil gland activity and works effectively to target inflammatory acne. Eliminates acne-causing bacteria that live on the skin and cools inflammation.

Relaxes muscles and has a soothing and healing effect on injured or broken skin. Helps reduce allergies and their side effects while effectively strengthening and de-sensitising skin. Great for anxiety sufferers as well.

Led Light Therapy Facial – Stand Alone Treatment

Includes cleanse, peel, Led, Mask, Hydrator

30mins            $93
Course of 6     $450
Add extra to any Facial $47

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O Biome Oxygen Therapy

Bring life and radiance to all skins by combining the power of cosmetic science and the nature of skin physiology.


The Oxygen Therapy Facial is suitable for almost all skin types and conditions.  It is designed with core skin health and immunity in mind. Depending on the activator selected, this treatment is beneficial for mature skins concerned with age management and age correction, pigmented, uneven and dull skin tone, acne and problematic skin types. 

The mask affects nerve to muscle communication so that the muscle contractions do not deepen and set our expressions wrinkles.  It also helps to stimulate collagen production, which in turn helps to increase skin firmness.  Along with the skin smoothing effects, it also improves moisture levels in the skin by removing toxins through our lymphatic system.

For skin’s suffering Rosacea or ones with a severely compromised barrier, we recommend speaking to your skin therapist about an alternative treatment to strengthen the barrier function of the skin first.

Pro Dermal Active, O-Biome Oxygenating Therapy works to correct and maintain core skin health and key skin conditions with customised activators and an Oxygenating microbiome, 45-minute setting mask, which provides lymphatic compression and microcirculation for optimum skin health.

Oxygen Therapy Treatment addresses and treats key skin conditions with four customised activators specially formulated with functional actives; ensuring the skin stays healthy, functions at optimum levels, and supports a hydrated, youthful, and glowing complexion. Your skin therapist will decide on one of the following activators depending on your skin concerns. 

Lift and Firm
For skins concerned with laxity and lift. Perfect for mature or sagging skin.

Collagen Booster
Designed to block the chemicals that trigger muscle contraction during facial expression which lead to fine lines and wrinkles. Great for those concerned with ageing.

Clear Skin
Created to specifically target breakout, blemishes and skins needing rebalancing. Perfect for acne and problematic skins.

Bright Skin
Inspired to support optimum skin brightness and uneven skin tone making it the perfect choice for pigmented, dull, or uneven skin tones.

1 Hr 20mins. $215

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Mindfulness Signature Ritual Facial

GINGER&ME Neurocosmedics treatment is designed to focus on a wholesome skin-mind experience created for skin health and mental well-being.  

An experience guaranteed to leave your skin glowing from within, your mind alive and your being empowered. New age stressors such as anxiety, depression, time-poor, use of mobile phones and lack of sleep are all triggers for inflammatory responses leading not just to problematic skin but to poor skin health too.

This treatment is all about relaxing & recovery. A skin treatment combined with a guided POWER-TUDE Mindfulness Session where guests can put on their GINGER&ME Headsets, forget the noise of the outside world and focus on a mindfulness journey that will calm, refresh and ultimately inspire them to ‘choose their TUDE’ and never forget “they are worth it”.

The Concept covers 3 key points Skin, Mind & Power- tude

Skin: The acknowledgement that the skin is the largest organ in the body and deserves the utmost attention for its preservation. The blessing that modern-day, high-tech actives used in skincare (when used in their functional dose) can trigger a physiological difference and support skin health and cellular behaviour.

Mind: The realisation that modern living; the fast-paced world we live in, juggling multiple roles and responsibilities, the pressure of social media (the list does not end here) is challenging our mental health. The fact that whilst we may be physically present in a moment; mentally we are not. Mindfulness gives the opportunity to stop and pay full attention, to observe your thoughts, feelings, the sensations of taste, touch, smell, sight and sound and to be fully aware of your surroundings.

Power-Tude: The power of being aware of your personal needs and nurturing them, fitting your oxygen mask first so you are better equipped to helps others. The strength of inner-peace; that allows you to be in control of your behaviours, reactions and actions.

The opportunity to choose your TUDE; your attitude, your altitude, your level of gratitude and ultimately your beauty-tude; putting you in life’s driver’s seat, taking the controls so that you may be the best version of you, making the most of life’s blessings.

Perfect for anyone who wants to relax, forget about the noise of the outside world whilst achieving ultimate skin recovery and health. Choose from Brightening, Age Defying, Hydrating, Calming or Purifying.

60 mins $145

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O Discovery Facial

A great introduction to discover our range this quick and powerful pick me up facial is for all skins wanting a refreshing instant lift & a healthy looking glow.

Includes cleanse, exfoliation, scalp massage, mask, Aromatherapy hot compress towels, serum, eye cream, moisturiser and sunscreen.

45mins $95

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Tween Clean Facial

It’s important for your teenager to get some useful skincare tips on all the hormonal changes they’re currently experiencing. We’ll gently teach your tween a simple routine to balance oil and reduce breakouts for lifelong healthy skin.

Includes; Educational skin tips, Cleanse, exfoliation, mask, moisturiser and sun protection.

35mins $62

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