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Are you feeling overwhelmed by the daily grind, in need of a rejuvenating escape? Look no further than Diva Body & Skin! Life can be tough on our skin, but this facial package is the ultimate reset button. The view alone from up on the mountain will transport you to tranquility.

Our priority is You and your skin concerns, enhancing your natural beauty and soaring you to feel Skin Confident to support skin health, rejuvenation & Glow! Gift yourself the luxury of time well spent and experience the revitalising power of our Enzyme Facial. Your radiant future awaits! Don’t wait for a special occasion to treat yourself like royalty.

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Enjoy a skin journey to introduce you to some of our most popular treatments. This package will instantly energise, hydrate and bestow a radiant glow. Fully customised to your specific skin concerns & needs by your therapist, Sarah who has experienced all types of skins for the last 23 years. This duo package caters to all skin types, including congestion, dry, sensitive, aging dehydrated and lacklustre skins.

Oxygenating Enzyme Facial 1

Experience the revolutionary Oxygenating Enzyme Facial – a transformative skincare journey that unlocks the true potential of your skin. Our unique formula, enriched with Fiflow BTX, infuses your skin with a breath of fresh oxygen, rejuvenating cells, and revitalizing your complexion. Watch as hydration levels soar, wrinkles fade, and a radiant glow emerges. Discover the power of Fiflow BTX, a true game-changer that enhances blood circulation, mimics haemoglobin, and boosts skin’s natural radiance. Elevate your skin to new heights and unveil a youthful, luminous, and revitalized version of you.

Micro Rejuv Led Massage Facial 2

Within 2-3 weeks after your first facial it’s now time to rebook and experience a spa-worthy transformation with our Microdermabrasion Facial enhanced by the innovative LED Massage Device. Let your skin indulge in the ultimate rejuvenation as we expertly exfoliate, unclog pores, and smooth away imperfections. Witness the magic of enhanced blood circulation, reduced fine lines, and boosted collagen production, thanks to the advanced LED Massage Device.

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Elevate your skincare game with a touch of Australian radiance! Unveil your most vibrant self with 10% off our exclusive range of professional cosmeceutical grade skincare – O Cosmedics. Aussie made of course. Experience the power of science-driven formulations with potent, concentrated active ingredients, that work in harmony with your skin, delivering transformative results like never before. From rejuvenating serums to age-defying moisturizers, O Cosmedics has your beauty dreams covered. Remember you’ll also receive a FREE product that we’ll choose based on your skincare goals.

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