Buff & Polish Body Glow

Drift away using a Lychee & Guava sugar scrub over your entire body. Designed for skin hydration, nourishment and protection.

A natural humectant, source of Glycolic Acid and skin exfoliation to invigorate and renew you all over leaving skin as soft as silk and ready to absorb precious oils and nutrients.

Using hot towel compressors, finish off with a luxurious blend of active Australian botanicals in our body butter and oil to lock in hydration and give you total body rejuvenation.

60 mins

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Buff Body & Glow Facial

This treatment not only includes a Full Buff & Polish Body Glow but also incorporates a customized nourishing facial, for a total full body exfoliation experience.

Revitalise your tired skin, relax, enjoy a scalp massage, drift away and leave with a gorgeous refreshed, radiant, silky smooth skin glow. Perfect for all skins including stressed, sun damaged, dry and flaky ones.

90 mins

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Tuscan Spray Tan

Get that summertime glow without any skin damage all year round. Be naturally bronzed with this popular Melbourne tan that will leave you with bronzed glowing skin.

This tan is 100% pregnancy safe, paraben free and contains green tea & aloe vera for an exceptional moisturizing and soothing effect to provide you with a smooth and silky skin finish every time.

 The solution adapts to any skin type, and any depth of colour can be achieved from a light sun-kissed glow to a rich dark tan.

The spray on tan dries immediately on application to a non-sticky finish, and once developed, the tan is completely odourless and lasts seven or more days before gradually and evenly fading away.

Guaranteed to never be orange, as those are tans of the past.

 Tuscan Tan 8 hour Spray

This tan is left on for 8 hours before you rinse off in the shower but can be left on for up to 24hrs if necessary.

15 mins | $48
Prepay for 3 $124

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Tuscan Tan Multi Base Spray

In a hurry? For those on the go, rinse after 1 hour for a light tan, 2 hours for a medium tan, or 3+ hours for a dark tan.

This tan will continue to darken after your rinse.

NOTE: Recommended rinse time is 30 seconds. Alternatively, for those who love an ultra dark tan, the spray tan can be left on for a longer period of time / overnight to develop to full intensity before showering as normal the next day.

15 mins
Prepay for 3 $133

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Spray Tan Do’s & Don’ts

To increase the longevity of your spray tan, and to optimise skin health and appearance, we recommend that you read the following.

The better you look after your tan and keep those upper layers of skin on, the better your tan will last and fade evenly. Using at a minimum the Tuscan Tan Wash & Extender is recommended to keep your tan looking gorgeous.


  • Shower + hair removal + wash hair + exfoliate to remove old tan at least 24hours before hand.
  • Cleanse with our Tan Toner Skin Wash to restore your skins pH levels.
  • Don’t apply deodorant, moisturiser or perfume before your appointment.

Take loose, dark clothing + thongs to wear after your spray tan appointment

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Spray Tan Aftercare

Avoid contact with water or activity causing perspiration during tan development.

Don’t apply moisturiser, perfume or deodorant until your tan has fully developed.

If possible don’t wear a bra right after your tan, as you don’t want any risk of misplaced tan lines.


If you’ve used the 8Hr Tuscan Tan then you need to wait 8 hours before showering. You can also leave it on overnight if you wish before showering.

If you’ve used the Multi Base Tan you can have a light 60 second rinse off after 1 hour onward depending on the depth of colour you’re after.

  • Do not use soap or shower gel, this is just a rinse.
  • Shower for no more than 1 minute as you are just rinsing off your tan
  • Only use warm not hot water
  • Don’t worry if you see excess colour coming off in your rinse, the tan is still developing and the DHA of your tan has already soaked into your skin and is working its magic.
  • Do not rub harshly or exfoliate skin
  • Do not apply moisturiser, gel or oils until the following day
  • Pat dry with a soft towel


  • We highly recommend using Tuscan Tans Body Wash as many soap and shower gel products will alter your skins PH level. This violet toned skin wash is designed to maintain the colour integrity of your spray tan by keeping your skin’s pH balance in check before, during and after tanning. Think of it acting just like a blonding purple shampoo. To ensure optimum development of your self tan, the pH levels of your skin should be perfectly balanced. Your skin’s changing pH levels can affect the colour of your tan, how long it lasts, and how evenly it fades
  • Apply Tuscan Tan Tinted Extender, an illuminating lotion with a hint of tint all over your body. It contains soothing and antioxidant properties to leave your skin feeling deeply nourished and visibly hydrated. This will make your tan last longer and hydrate your skin, which will prevent it from cracking.

Tips for a Longer Lasting Tan

  • Water in general will make your tan fade faster, in particular long soaking in holiday bar pools, hot spa’s or saunas, long hot showers and swimming.
  • Exfoliation of any kind on your body- scrubs, body brushes, loofahs should only be used when you’re ready to remove your tan.
  • Avoid chemicals & adhesives like chlorine, fashion tape, band-aids, massages or products containing acids and anything else that may strip your skin.