She was in tears; we were very nearly in tears, too, and it was just sad all the way around. But the moral to the story is this: when you’re searching for the “cheapest price,” make sure you stick to toilet paper, paper towels and petrol.

But never your eyes!

We cannot stress enough that your first consideration must be the training and expertise of the lash specialist—not the price. Only licensed cosmetologists and aestheticians that have received lash extension training are qualified to do this delicate work.

Think about it. Do you price shop doctors? Attorneys? Builders? Then why would you price shop lash extensions? This type of work is not a commodity; it requires a great deal of skill, not to mention dexterity.

We can assure you that if your lashes ever fall off under our care, it was not due to technician error. That’s how skilled we are. However, we have spent quite a bit of time cleaning up the shoddy application of less experienced and untrained people.

TRUE HORROR STORY– I once had a client years ago who came up from Melbourne for a wedding, overnight your eyes puffed up and she had to go to a doctor up here in Qld.

Long story short the doctor told her she’d had a reaction and she had to get those lashes off. Well, it took 2 therapists over 2hours to try and get them off.

Clearly whomever she went too didn’t use the correct lash extension glue and they just weren’t coming off. Then she told me she’d paid $38 for a Full Set of Lash Extensions from a lady who worked from home.

OK so working from home isn’t the issue here but the price however…EEeekk! this should have been a tad suss as that price is way too cheap.

Obviously my client hadn’t had extensions on before and so she had no idea what to expect.

It wasn’t her fault but she had to go to the wedding with raw, red sore eyes and was going to wear sunnies. Thank goodness she wasn’t in the bridal party.

We can’t promise that there will be no damage from this kind of price shopping disaster. However, we will do our best to save your lashes and soothe those irritated eyes!

Remember, always check the credentials of the person doing the work, how long they have been doing it, and find out what current clients say about their work!

Just don’t price shop when it comes to your body!

Should You Price Shop Your Eyes? By Diva Body and Skin – Call Us On 0413 466 377