We have a gorgeous range all devoted to you getting the best night sleep! The goodnight Company has essential oils for your diffuser, deep sleep drops, roll ons and a heavenly sleep mist you can spray all over your pillow. 

Trust me, once you sleep on a silk pillowcase it will change your life. I’ve been using them for around 7 years now and I wouldn’t go back.

Silk is a natural fibre so its comfortable, cooler and breathable to sleep on unlike satin.


There are so many benefits to sleeping with silk, we’ll just cover a few. Firstly, anti-aging – cotton dries out your skin whilst silk maintains the moisture, keeping your skin cream on your face all night.

Secondly, just as cotton dries out your skin, cotton dries out your hair. Silk takes care of your hair at the roots while you sleep, reducing ‘bed head’, and more permanent damage in the long term.

Silk is especially helpful in reducing frizzy hair. Sleeping on silk also means no more sleep creases. The smooth surface of silk also lets your face glide across the pillow, reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

You can see why sleeping on silk is recommended by dermatologists, hairstylists and beauty experts.


In short, you can take both! Our best selling Drops are liquid herbal extracts known as tinctures, which are consumed orally, to help calm a worried mind and relieve anxious thoughts. 

We offer our Deep Sleep Drops for people that struggle to fall and stay asleep, and Calm Drops to alleviate anxiety and restlessness. You may like to use the Calm Drops during the day and the Deep Sleep Drops in the evenings.

However, if you find worrying thoughts are what keeps you awake; you may like to try the Calm Drops in the evening.

Make sure to wait at least 30 minutes after brushing your teeth to use this gentle remedy as mint can reduce the effectiveness.


Try not to have a big meal just before bed especially those high in carbs, as it can make it harder to digest and causes your body’s metabolism to slow down.

In turn this can disrupt your normal sleep cycle. It takes 6 hours to clear half the caffeine from your body and can keep you wide-awake. If you only have 1 coffee in the morning, try and drink green tea, water or non caffeine drinks in the afternoon.

Alcohol such as a glass or 2 of wine with dinner may help you feel relaxed and wash off your workday however once you fall asleep you actually can’t sleep deeply.

Last tip is try not to drink too many fluids before bed as constantly getting up during the night to go to the bathroom will also disrupt your sleep.


The more regularly you exercise, the better your sleep will be. Exercise can increase your sleep quality and decrease the amount of time you lie in bed a wake thinking about Karen from work..lol 

Experts say only 30minutes a day will help you achieve this. So go on and get out there!


Some medications such as antidepressants, cold remedies containing alcohol, beta-blockers to treat high blood pressure and corticosteroids to treat inflammation may all cause nighttime waking.

It’s best to ask your doctor if your meds affect your sleep, as it may be possible for them to prescribe a different type of medication that won’t interfere with your shuteye. 

It could also be possible you aren’t well or may have an underlying condition like chronic pain or depression so once again get in touch with your GP and see if they can help you.